Dissolution EP

by Nonprolific

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released April 16, 2011



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Nonprolific Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia

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Track Name: Contemplating the Vicious Circle
Contemplating the vicious circle

Ensnared in a web of overlapping circles
Infinite spheres of a twisted maze
An unstoppable whirlwind of interlocked cycles
An evergrowing frame until the end of days

An endless seeker of happiness
Mislead by the curves of being
A mortal follower of timelessness,
So complex, unclear and deceiving

A mere satellite of suffering
A slave to a frigid star
An unwilling descendant of a cursed kin
A tiny insect closed in a jar

Try hard to leave the orbit
Freak out and break the prison bars
Break through and discover another perspective
...and become linked to different ‘stars’
(…close oneself in other ‘jars’)

Approaching the end is another beginning
Dread, agony and pain revived
An error, a damnation of the living
A tireless stream of a bitter strife
Track Name: Ride it & Tame it
Ride it & Tame it

Don´t have time to wage the words
The wound has been open – now it bleeds
The supressed resist turns into a silent rebelion
The outburst of inner growth
Forcefed with pain – crave for more
Lustfuly playing with an open sore

Searching for the source that starts the flow
The flow that makes the resource start and go

Find it and know it
Breed it and grow it
Ride it and tame it
Use it and aim it

Concentrate – dont get drained
Dont lose faith
Alter the fate

Lead the trend to sudden end
That craze will amaze
You implode to reload
Better stop before you drop
Track Name: Dissolution

Buried, down, rotten, deep below
Blackness, no air, light, fucking low
Lost in a mine, a grave, nowhere to go
Wet moldy lungs, waiting on death row

Fear anxiety, cold insobriety
Meditating in false piety
Swearing an oath to insanity
Leaning on whatever deity

Screams, horror, blind panic
Frenetic, delirious, manic
Spasmodic, shaken, hysteric
Depressive, broken, tragic

A collapsing existence – in vain
A malfunctioning system – insane
A withering spirit – a descent
Guardian angel – absent

Expelled, banned from heaven – left alone
Wandering, lost in nowhere – on one’s own
Begging for mercy, atonement – dismissed
Kneel down in front of the future mist

Haunting phantasms, grinding down
Bend over, bow down, kiss the ground
Twisted visions, wraith, nonentity
Dissolution of what once was reality